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MOT’s in Wakefield

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MOT’s in Wakefield

MOT’s in Wakefield Motorcity are arranged by booked appointments.

MOT's in Wakefield

MOT’s in Wakefield

We are approved to carry out MOTs on both class 4 & class 7 vehicles.

MOT Class 4 includes cars, light commercial vehicles upto 3000kg GVW and mobile homes.

MOT Class 7 vehicles are light commercial vehicles 3001kg GVW upto 3500kg GVW.

Motorhomes are often built on a large van chassis but as they are not goods vehicles they are tested as a class 4 vehicle regardless of their weight. Our MOT equipment can accommodate vehicles with a wheel base of up to 6.5m (the distance between the wheels, not the total length of the vehicle which will be longer) and can lift vehicles weighing up to 4 tonnes. If you are not sure whether we will be able to MOT your vehicle, please ring us and we will be happy to advise.


A Few suggestions….

Have an MOT test in the month before the current certificate ends. Your new certificate will expire exactly a year from the existing one’s end date (the earliest date you can do this is printed on your test certificate) so that you benefit. If you have the MOT test more than a month before the MOT’s due date.  It will expire exactly a year later, meaning you lose out.

One in five vehicles fail MOTs due to an inoperative light bulb. Walk around to check your car’s indicators and headlights, front and back. Ask for help from a friend or neighbour with checking your reversing light.

MOT test are NOT the same as having your vehicle serviced and does NOT check its general mechanical condition.The best way to avoid costly repair bills at MOT test time is to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition with regular checks and servicing.

For additional information on MOTs, please see here for details from the GOV.UK website.


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