MOT Testing Centre

MOT Testing Centre

 MOT Testing Centre – Wakefield – Knottingley


At MOT Testing Centre all Mot’s are arranged by booked appointments.

MOT Testing Centre

MOT Testing Centre – Wakefield – Knottingley

At MOT Testing Centre we are approved to carry out MOTs on both class 4 & class 7 vehicles.

MOT Class 4 includes cars, light commercial vehicles upto 3000kg GVW and mobile homes.

MOT Class 7 vehicles are light commercial vehicles 3001kg GVW upto 3500kg GVW.

Motorhomes are often built on a large van chassis. But as they are not goods vehicles they are tested as a class 4 vehicle regardless of their weight. Our MOT equipment can accommodate vehicles with a wheel base of up to 6.5m. (the distance between the wheels, not the total length of the vehicle which will be longer) and can lift vehicles weighing up to 4 tonnes. If you are not sure whether we will be able to MOT your vehicle, please ring us and we will be happy to advise.


Frequently Asked Questions about the MOT test at the MOT Testing Centre


Can I wait for my MOT to be done?

You are welcome to wait in the reception/viewing area whilst your Mot test is carried out.

Can I have my MOT test done before the current certificate expires?

Yes you can have your MOT test done up to 30 days before the current certificate expires, your new certificate will be valid for a year after your old certificate expires, you will not lose a month. However if you need to have your MOT test done more than 30 days early you will lose whatever time is remaining on your current certificate, your new expiry date will be one year from the current date. If you present your vehicle for MOT more than 30 days early the computer will alert us, it will then be for you to decide whether you want us to continue or abort the test.

What happens if my vehicle fails its MOT test?

If your vehicle fails it’s Mot the tester will explain the reason(s) why. A fully itemised estimate for the work required can be provided and if you wish to proceed the work can often be carried out on the same day as the test, or at a later date and time to suit you. Alternatively you can arrange your own repairs and return the vehicle for retest once the work is completed.

If my vehicle fails the MOT test, will I have to pay again for a retest?

We do not charge a retest fee providing the vehicle is presented for retest within ten working days of the initial test*. Beyond this time, the vehicle will have to undergo a full test again which will be charged at our current published price.

*Please note only one free retest per Mot.

How long does an MOT take?

The Mot test is usually completed within one hour of being logged onto the Mot computer system.

Where can I park?

Parking is provided in the designated MOT parking bays. However don’t worry if there isn’t one available, just park in any other convenient space.

Do I need to bring anything with me for the Mot test?

If this is your vehicle’s first ever MOT test, we advise you bring the vehicle registration document (V5) with you as this will avoid any problems if there is a lack of information on the DVLA database when we log your vehicle onto the Mot computer.

If your vehicle has previously been MOT tested then all we need is the vehicle itself.

How soon after my vehicle passes it’s Mot test can I apply for my tax disc online?

Once the MOT is completed the information is uploaded instantly to the Mot database so you can tax your vehicle online immediately.

Please use this link to Tax Your Vehicle Online.

I have lost my MOT certificate, how to I obtain a replacement?

If Motorcity carried out your MOT we can produce you a duplicate certificate using just your vehicle registration number. You can still obtain a duplicate certificate from us if your vehicle if it was MOT tested elsewhere. But we willl need the reference number from your V5 registration document as well as your registration number.

Please note a fee of £10.00 is payable for duplicate documentation.

MOT Testing Centre -Wakefield – Knottingley

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