Frequently Asked Questions

No – we have the latest diagnostic tools which are compatible with any car brand – therefore we can service any type of car and you do not need to go to the main dealer.
Ideally you would have your car serviced depending on what the manufacturer recommends.
A car service will really depend on the age, make & model of the vehicle and what is required.
First of all have a look in your car manufacturers’ manual. If you cannot find the answer there you can bring it along to our garage and one or our technicians will plug your car into our vehicle diagnostic tool and figure out what is wrong.
If the sound is very loud, then switch off the ignition and call a car recovery agency. If the sound is not too loud or it just does not sound ‘right’, then bring it along to our garage and we will have a look at it.
Book your car in for a winter check over.
Yes and No. If it has any manufacturer defects then it needs to go back to the dealer, otherwise we can deal with any general servicing.
Yes – please contact us for further information.
You can’t. You can only drive your car to and from the MOT station providing that you still have current road tax and insurance in place.
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